Herndon Brothers Farm
Farm Raised Beef


We are selling beef quarters, halves, or whole steers. All our cattle and steers are homegrown on our farm. No antibiotics given and steers are grain fed. Steers have been contained to provide the best quality beef possible for at least 120 days and the butcher will hang for 14 days for aging. Beef quarter will cost $800 for 120lbs. of butchered weight of meat, all costs included in that price. Whole steer, which is 480lbs. of beef will cost $3200. There is a deposit of $300 per quarter and $1500 for whole steer when placing your order. Quarters will consist of Ribeye, T-bone, Sirloin, Round Steak, all roast, ground beef and any livers, heart and tongue if interested. Any special request will be an additional price.

Freezer space required per quarter is around 5 to 7 cubic feet. Freezers are available at Walmart online for less than $200 and are on sale regularly for $188. Once on our list and deposit received, you will receive a call on packaging instructions. For each whole steer, they are required to be the same on a half of beef so packaging may be changed to match another quarter. Packaging will only be vacuum pack. Orders need to be in soon to get your request, with a limited supply available, and so we can plan for spots for upcoming months with the butcher. Beef processed will need to be picked up when ready due to limited freezer space in a timely manner. This will be the seventh year offering beef.


Please contact us to reserve your order.

Chad Herndon
via call or text.

Farm located in Taylorsville, KY