Telemarketing Campaign


Louisville Professional Firefighters Local 54  is performing a telemarketing campaign to raise funds that support continuing I.A.F.F training for our members, Peer Support and numerous organizations in our community. 

These phone calls are from the PB Entertainment group based in Memphis Tennessee. The callers are paid solicitors for the L.P.F.F. Local 54.

These are the phone numbers the calls can come from:

502-319-0995, 502-362-7090, 502-557-0707, 502-557-5002, 502-575-6004, 502-600-4047, 502-628-3288,

502-669-3003, 502-677-0046, 502-678-3349, 502-685-5205, 502-702-7191, 502-709-6314,

502-726-4010, 502-754-0065, 502-754-1912, 502-768-0003, 502-768-5195, 502-780-5767, 

502-780-6636, 502-801-1044, 502-801-1143, 502-842-5414, 502-861-5127, 502-885-4303,

502-885-4347, 502-885-4353, 502-900-4071, 502-901-2008, 502-901-2351,

 502-901-9850, 502-977-4011, 502-996-5587, 502-996-9278

We would also like you to be aware there is an email campaign for marketing that will come from a PayPal address with the subject line “Louisville Professional Fire Fighters”.


If you receive an invoice in the mail with the return address of 4621 Outer Loop PMB 309, Louisville, KY 40219, be aware that it is a UPS store where we have a mailbox.


Please note that if we as an organization were to try to perform this marketing campaign on our own, we would make less than 25% due to expenses for support staff, payroll, facilities, call lists, benefits and other set expenses.

Most successful non-profit organizations have something similar to what PB Entertainment does for L.P.F.F Local 54.


If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office at 502-366-5227


To reach the telemarketer directly:  PB Entertainment – Paul Baca – 954-655-8414